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The Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund is opening applications for new members.

Applications have closed. If you are a first-year, please consider applying next year.

Why should I apply?

Members of the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund have the opportunity to learn not only about finance and investment but also how it can be approached in an effective and socially responsible manner. They will be able to learn about the ways shareholders can push for change in corporate practices and actually apply them in conversations with senior representatives from companies including Merck, McDonald’s, Amazon, and Exxon. Members will also have the chance to meaningfully evaluate the challenges and opportunities in New Haven and discuss/work on projects addressing them. No finance knowledge or experience is necessary to join any of our teams.

Informational Events


All DHSRI members receive access to a semester-long financial training program covering stock valuation, endowment management, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance factors) analysis, fixed income and alternative asset management, and more. Some are led by senior members of DHSRI, and some are led by senior members of the Investment Committee.


What makes DHSRI different from other investment clubs at Yale?

The DHSRI Portfolio Team manages over $200,000 of the Yale Dwight Hall endowment and is managed by a corporate board. At DHSRI, social responsibility is not compartmentalized or separated into a specific branch—instead, social responsibility is embedded in everything we do, including our investment decisions. And DHSRI is not just an investment club! The Shareholder Engagement Team and Community Investment Team are equally important as components of our socially responsible mission.


DHSRI is a community of students who are passionate about social responsibility and the ways it can be applied in the financial world. DHSRI frequently hosts game nights, speaker events, and other social gatherings. Come join DHSRI and make new friends!

Questions? Email us at

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